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Everyday : Nuts and Dried Fruits for You !

Our company embraces the following services: the purchasing, roasting, packing and distribution of:
  • dried fruits,
  • nuts and seeds, both row and roasted,
  • nuts in shell and out of shell
  • sweets
  • expanded cereals
  • ingrediets for cooking and backing. We are ready to deliver, day by day, health, wellness and joy trough our top-quality products.

    Our goal is to provide organic, delicios, nutritionally balanced supliments to your every day meals, as well as best snacks ever. We meat each and every taste because our products are used in traditional kitchens as well as in vegan and vegetarian ones.

    Our company allways aplies the hiest standards in purchasing, selection, handling and delivering.
    The priority for us is to maintain and increace the customers trust in our products and services.

  • Products    |    Price List    |    About us    |    Wholesale    |    Partners    |    Contact us

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    59, Industriala str., Chisinau, MD-2008, Republic of Moldova