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Everyday : Nuts and Dried Fruits for You !

We understand how important it is to receive a good, qualified service. That's why our group of employees together with sales managers are always ready to help and consult our old and new customers. Every client can always get the information about the season sales, each type of product or service and an analysis of the current situation of the market.
We deliver the top of the line products all over the Republic of Moldova.
Among or clients are distributers and companies that use our products in manufacturind their own goods.

Our company offers:
  • a wide assortment that includes over 100 types of products: nuts, candied and dried fruits, roasted and salted seeds
  • a large variety of packed products in a different price range
  • the consistent quality of products and services proved over years
  • regular stock renewal
  • stability in shipping/delivering
  • the best price policy for retail and wholesale

    Feel free to contact us anytime!

  • Products    |    Price List    |    About us    |    Wholesale    |    Partners    |    Contact us

    +373 79-66-22-44                Alexandr_sirby 

    59, Industriala str., Chisinau, MD-2008, Republic of Moldova