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Brazil Nuts
Brazil Nuts

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* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 Calories diet.

Store in a cool and dry place under -5Co and +20Co

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The most important health benefits of selenium-rich Brazil nuts include their ability to reduce inflammation, improve heart health, aid in skin care, boost weight loss, reduce the signs of aging, regulate thyroid function, and fight anxiety.

These nuts also strengthen the immune system, stimulate growth and repair, improve the digestive process, lower the risk of cancer, and boost male fertility.

Top Source of Selenium
Brazil nuts are the number one source of selenium, with one ounce (about 6 kernels) serving 774% DV. Selenium is a trace mineral which is extremely vital for the body as it has strong antioxidant power, fights free radicals and soothes inflammation, thus boosting overall health. Studies show that almost 1 billion people worldwide suffer from selenium deficiency, which makes Brazil nuts an important dietary choice. Selenium also helps reduce toxic mercury levels and thus, the incidence of cancer in the body.

Improve Heart Health
Brazil nuts have a surprisingly high content of healthy unsaturated fats, commonly known as HDL or good forms of cholesterol or omega-3 fatty acids. This includes oleic acid and palmitoleic acid. These varieties of unsaturated fats, magnesium, vitamin E, and selenium content in Brazil nuts are connected with balancing the cholesterol profile of the body and improving heart health.

Anti-inflammatory Food
The high ellagic acid and selenium levels in the nuts make it a top anti-inflammatory food source. Ellagic acid also has potent neuroprotective properties. Furthermore, zinc in Brazil nuts reduces inflammations and helps flush out toxins.

Boost Testosterone
Brazil nuts, with their high selenium content, are often called a testosterone superfood. L-arginine in the nuts is also an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Fights Cancer
The abundant antioxidants in Brazil nuts help in preventing many chronic illnesses, including cancer and coronary heart disease. The glutathione enabled by the presence of selenium is an enzymatic antioxidant that eliminates free radicals in all parts of the body that cause cancer.

Mood Lifter
Low levels of selenium are linked to anxiety, stress, and tiredness, according to recent research. Also, nut consumption increases the metabolism of serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical, which controls mood, appetite, and sleep. Thus, regular intake of Brazil nuts rich in selenium can help relieve the various issues caused by selenium deficiency such as depression, mood issues, fatigue, and stress.

Regulate Thyroid Gland
The selenium content, in Brazil nuts, plays a major role in the proper functioning of your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is where some of the essential hormones in the body are produced, distributed, and regulated from.

Skin Care
The comprehensive profile of vitamins and nutrients in Brazil nuts makes it particularly good for improving skin health. The selenium, omega 3-fatty acids, and vitamins C and E in Brazil nuts give the skin a healthy glow and improve the elasticity of the skin, thereby preventing premature aging. Selenium stimulates the activity of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant compound that can remove free radicals from the skin cells that cause wrinkles and even skin cancer. Also, Brazil nut oil is an excellent emollient which helps prevent skin dryness, eczema, and psoriasis. Additionally, grinding a handful of nuts and mixing it with an egg makes for a deeply nourishing skin exfoliator.

Protects from UV Radiation
Copper in Brazil nuts aids in the production of melanin, a color pigment that protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, and thereby prevents skin cancer.

Treat Acne
The high zinc content in Brazil nuts has been shown to protect against acne or lessen its appearance. This can be achieved through normal consumption of the nuts or by application of Brazil nut oil on the affected area. The rich vitamin and antioxidant content of the oil is the main cause of this protective quality.

High Protein Nut
A lot of people forget about the real importance of protein in their diet, particularly if they are on a restricted diet or are a vegetarian. So, a handful of these nuts can be a helpful boost to keep your protein levels up!

Treats Zinc Deficiency
Zinc in Brazil nuts helps treat Acrodermatitis enteropathica. This is a rare genetic disorder in which the body is unable to absorb sufficient amounts of zinc.

Boost Immune System
The antioxidants and organic compounds present in Brazil nuts make it a strong contender for one of the most immune-boosting nuts around. The vitamin C content couples wonderfully with selenium and zinc to stimulate the production of white blood cells and antioxidant compounds throughout the body to neutralize free radicals.

Weight Loss
Brazil nuts, which are high in protein and fiber, make for a nutrient-dense snack for weight watchers. They keep you feeling full for a longer time.

Stimulate Digestive System
The fiber content of Brazil nuts makes them great for tuning up your digestive system. Fiber facilitates peristaltic motion in the gastrointestinal system, moving food through the digestive system and extracting as many nutrients as possible. This can also help you prevent gastric ulcers, constipation, bloating, cramps, and serious conditions like colon cancer. Also, you will find an increase in energy levels and an improvement in weight loss by keeping your system clean and functioning smoothly.

Muscle Function
Brazil nuts are a major source of complete protein, with all the essential amino acids, which help to improve and strengthen muscles. They also contain magnesium, which helps prevent the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, thus preventing soreness.

Improve Bone Mineral Density
The copper content in the Brazil nut helps to improve bone mineral density and in the formation of bone tissues. It also helps in the absorption of iron into the bloodstream.

Mental Health
Brazil nuts, rich in thiamin, help keep the nervous system healthy and strong. They also help prevent Alzheimers and stress-related mental disorders.

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