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Poppy Seeds
Poppy Seeds

Available packages:

70g    150g    1kg

Nutritional facts per 100g:









* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 Calories diet.

Store in a cool and dry place under -5Co and +20Co

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Poppy Seeds health benefits includes alleviating stress promoting good sleep, treating mouth ulcer, increasing energy level, enhancing psychological health, strengthening bones and lowering blood pressure.

Other benefits includes supporting kidney health, relieving body pain, treating eczema and inflammation, managing diabetes and supporting cardiovascular system.

Poppy seeds are a unique combination of calcium and manganese that can treat various health problems including fertility issues in women. Nutritionists recommend consuming seeds to promote the development of neurons. In ancient times, poppy seeds were widely used to calm crying newborns.

Amazing Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds:

For Insomniacs
High levels of cortisol lead to increased stress levels that are a primary problem of insomniacs. Nutritionists recommend foods with sleep-inducing properties to people with insomnia or irregular sleep patterns. Poppy seeds are known for their calming effects on the brain that help alleviate stress levels, and the process will eventually allow you to sleep well.

Poppy Seeds for Mouth Ulcers
The minerals found in the seeds are said to have calming effects on the mouth ulcers. Regular consumption of poppy seeds can reduce stomach burning as well. However, more studies are underway in this regard to find how they impact on mouth ulcers and if poppy seeds can impede their reoccurrence or not.

Increases Energy Levels
Poppy seeds are a powerhouse of good carbohydrates that your body needs to balance energy levels. Regular consumption of the seeds will allow your body to absorb nutrients and to transfer oxygen throughout your body that is necessary to not only maintain energy but to produce it as well. This way, you can prevent problems like chronic fatigue and dizziness.

For Psychological Health
You can rarely find foods that contain components to improve your psychological health. Poppy seeds are one of them as they are loaded with nutrients such as copper, iron, and calcium. When consumed regularly, the nutrients will regulate neurotransmitters that will improve cognition and concentration. Moreover, nutritionists suggest that consuming poppy seeds will delay the onset of age-related diseases like Alzheimers diseases and dementia.

Strengthens your Bones
Calcium, copper, manganese, and phosphorus are necessary regarding your bone health. Poppy seeds, being a powerhouse of the nutrients strengthens not only your bones but connective tissue as well. Moreover, manganese that is widely found in the seeds is necessary to produce collagen that prevents your bones from serious damages such as fractures. The components also play an important role when it comes to bone density.

Lowers Blood Pressure
High blood pressure can contribute to heart-attack and stroke; therefore, you need to maintain your blood pressure levels. Nutritionists stated that people with high blood pressure levels should try consuming poppy seeds due to the high content of oleic acid found in them.

For Healthy Kidneys
Poppy seeds are a natural and safe option to treat various kidney problems. It is loaded with potassium and is considered diuretic as well. A recent study revealed that Potassium help dissolves kidney stones effectively whereas being diuretic, it will allow proper urination and your body will flush out potential toxins, chemicals, and even excess salts. Moreover, oxalic acid in poppy seeds is also necessary to maintain healthy kidneys.

For Diabetics
People with diabetes dont have a variety of foods due to high calories and fat content. This is why they should opt for foods enriched with dietary fiber to stay full for hours. Poppy seeds can become a nourishing snack option for them. It is loaded with dietary fiber along with plenty of manganese that will help regulate sugar in their bloodstream.

For Cardiovascular System
Dietary fiber is a safe source when it comes to lowering increased cholesterol levels. When your cholesterol levels are balanced, you will less likely fall susceptible to cardiovascular problems. A recent study has revealed oils of certain food items can improve the condition of your heart and poppy seeds oil is one of them.

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