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Rose Hips
Rose Hips

Available packages:

70g    150g    1kg

Nutritional facts per 100g:









* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 Calories diet.

Store in a cool and dry place under -5Co and +20Co

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The excellent nutritional profile and high antioxidant content of rose hip makes it ideal for any diet.

Great diuretic
Fruit acids and pectin in rose hip make it a great diuretic, cleansing kidneys of toxins and ensuring kidney health. Pectin is also efficient against constipation. Dried rose hip tea is recommended both as a diuretic and laxative.

Excellent natural laxative
Wild rose hip contains fiber, an astonishing amount which encourages more frequent and regular bowel movements. Fiber not only helps digestion, but it also regulates intestinal motility, relieving constipation naturally. Also, a generous daily intake of dietary fiber limits the time our colon is exposed to the toxins in waste which contributes to its health. You can either eat raw rose hips or drink rose tea to help improve intestinal motility.

Amazing anti-inflammatory properties
Several studies have concluded that rose hip may help reduce inflammation and pain related to osteoarthritis. The vitamin C and antioxidant content of the berries are believed to be responsible for such benefits.

Rich in antioxidants
Rose hip contains beta-carotene, lycopene, leuco-anthocyanins, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins A and C, all potent antioxidants which hunt down and destroy reactive oxygen molecules called free radicals and maintain cell health. Free radical damage is characterized by abnormal inflammation levels and can trigger mutations in cells causing them to multiply uncontrollably and becoming cancer cells.

Promotes cardiovascular health
The antioxidants in rose hip help reduce inflammation and maintain blood vessel integrity, thus reducing heart disease risks. I remember from when I was a child that my grandfather used to drink rose hip tea all year round and never had high blood cholesterol level or artery problems, despite enjoying rich (fatty) meals quite often.

Antiviral properties
The high vitamin C content in rose hip makes it excellent for boosting the immune system. Vitamin C supports the immune function by increasing the aggressiveness of white blood cells which respond faster and better to viruses and bacteria, reducing infection risks as well as recovery time.

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